• Blue Wave Theory Releases Superstorm Album

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    Superstorm by Blue Wave Theory

    Inspiration often occurs in unexpected and seemingly disparate ways. For its sophomore album SuperStorm, Blue Wave Theory draws influence from a wide variety of sources including Hurricane Sandy, Holstein cows, black and white TV, the theremin, Hawaiian volcanoes, a restaurant in Puerto Rico, woodchuck hunting, Rhode Island getaways, driving the highways of upstate New York, playing Frisbee at the Jersey Shore, The Endless Summer, and Saab automobiles.

    Blue Wave Theory's new release coalesces these inspirations into the creation of a powerful aural landscape rooted in instrumental surf music, and spiced with occasional echoes of reggae, rockabilly, fusion, and psychedelia.

    Close your eyes and enjoy the journey as Blue Wave Theory takes you on a musical road trip through America.

  • Welcome!

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    Surf’s up!

    Thank you for visiting the Blue Wave Theory TuneTrack page.   Please feel free to join our Green Room, where you can access CD-quality downloads from our debut album. You’ll also have access to bonus materials including performance videos, unreleased recordings, and live Ustream broadcasts from our rehearsal studio.  

    We will be recording a new album this summer.  All the songs have been written for the album, and we’ll be going into the recording studio within the next few months.  As members of our Green Room, you’ll be able to hear some demo recordings of the songs we’re taking into the studio.  We’ll also keep you up-to-date with the new album’s pre-production and recording sessions.

    Also coming soon to our Green Room will be some Blue Wave Theory studio source tracks (live drums, electric bass, and electric guitar), available for collaborative use by remixers, artists and producers.

    Thanks for joining us and keep riding the waves!

    Steve Rabeler
    Blue Wave Theory


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