Our Team

AWAKE Community was founded in 2003 in memory of Annie Richards. 

Team Los Angeles

Emily Richards AWAKE Community gardenEMILY RICHARDS
Emily is passionately active about living sustainably through gardening and conserving resources. Emily can't bear to use any disposable plastics and can be found walking her dog while picking up trash along the street and beach. Emily is serious about reducing her footprint, water-use and waste. A world-renowned musician, much of her music touches on the subjects of preservation of the earth and world harmony. This vegetarian is the Chairman of AWAKE Community and CEO of the music technology company ArtisTech Media

John Nogawski AWAKE Comumity gardensJOHN NOGAWSKI
"Farmer John"  is an expert composter, gardener and chicken-herder. He can usually be spotted riding a bicycle or skateboard instead of driving.  He carries tupperware to buy bulk foods without using disposable packaging. This mountain-ocean-loving vegetarian has recently retired from decades of long hours in the enteratinment industry and loves the peace of digging in the dirt and watching things grow.

Team San Diego

Tiffany is a master gardener, preserving of foods and seeds and utilizer of rain-water. She has an organic, kitchen-formula for every type of pest or fungis that could be found in the garden. As a vegan health-food expert, she grows the majority of the food she eats and concocts a daily vita-mix of garden veggies. Tiffany's artistry is evident in all she creates. She manages AWAKE's headquarters garden, San Diego nursery and Mira Mesa community garden.  

Kevin builds hand-crafted raised garden beds from recycled material when he's not mixing compost, harvesting organic vegetables or transplanting starts. He can fix just about anything and finds unique ways to transform trash into useful tools for the garden and nursery. This nature-lover shares his talents in the kitchen, garden and campground. Kevin is strong with a shovel and has a gentle soul.

Team Ventura

Ventura Coop Jason and AudraJASON BROCK 
Jason is a master gardener and builds community around sustainble living workshops. He makes a mean compost tea and he and his partner Audra convert any lanquishing home, school or community landscape into a lush, green, organic garden. He is also a very talented musician, activist (he walked from San Diego to Albuquerque!) and architectural designer. Jason is the President of AWAKE Community co-founder of Ventura Cooperative.


LIsbet is transforming community through art, music and good green living. Founder and CEO of Green Art People in Ventura, she takes what some may call trash and turns it into art and art supplies. 


Director of Communications

A Grammy-winning producer (Celine Dion), John prefers to be known as a political history expert.  John's new album 'BlacknWhite' is a favorite of AWAKE's volunteers!


Director of Science

In his roles as a management consultant, a chemical engineer and a technology commercialization specialist, Dale has invented and developed several alternative power projects.


Honarary Director

JR left this world on January 22, 2008 and he will be greatly missed. In addition to serving on AWAKE's Board, he was the Chairman of RADD.  Thank you, JR, for your beautiful life.


Creative Director

Nicole is a highly sought-after sound engineer and a builder of state-of-the-art recording studios. She also thinks that preserving the environment is a good idea.


Public Relations Director

Liz is a marketing executive in the music industry. She is founder Baby Steps Infertility, and volunteers as a counselor for both The Compassionate Friends and Camp Ronald McDonald.

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