"What marching through the streets was to the sixties, walking through the halls of Congress is today." ~Marianne Williamson

One key, for one life, each year, ripples beyond sight and time.

AWAKE's second Capitol Hill reception for the Congressional Stop DUI Caucus featured a sculpture made from 17,000 keys in the shape of a water drop, forming a ripple. The art piece was designed by Tom Cinquini, Vanessa Rathbun, and Cheryl Richards and created with the help of Brad Richards, Annie Richards' brother - Annie's life was lost to an impaired driver.

This half-ton art-piece was driven across the United States, from Portland to Washington D.C., with the hopes to educate and give awareness to the impaired driving prevention cause.

Ripple Effect Art-Piece

Listen to the speeches on our homepage, look at the pictures, and contact us if you'd like to help support future efforts. 

Like many resources in the U.S., we share the same roads. Let's make them safer together. Don't drink and drive.

AWAKE thanks the artists, our sponsors, and the Congressional offices that made the Ripple Effect event possible.  We look forward to sharing our journey with the world.

Live Responsibly,


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