No Plastic Pledge Photo by Bob DavisResponsibility

Reduce Your Plastic

Reduce, reduce, reduce...THEN reuse, recycle. AWAKE asks you to use cloth bags instead of plastic bags, clean canteens instead of plastic water bottles, and your own tupperware instead of take-out contrainsers. AWAKE has actively advocated a NO PLASTIC PLEDGE since 2005. We've helped cities throughout California work to ban one-use plastic bags. We're also working on expanding our NO STRAW CHALLENGE throughout Los Angeles in cooperation with the LA City Council. Take the NO PLASTIC PLEDGE today!

Annie Richards inspired AWAKE Community FoundationImpaired Driving Prevention

AWAKE was founded in honor of Annie Richards who was killed by a drunk driveer. Annie loved animals, nature, music, dance and poetry during her precious 19 years on beautiful planet earth. AWAKE works closely with Safe Ride SolutionsRidin' Dirty RadioRidin' Dirty RadioRADD, and The Patrick J. Flanders II Memorial Foundation to prevent impaired driving and help save lives.

AWAKE has produced events on Capitol Hill in cooperation with the U.S. Congressional Stop DUI Caucus to support AWAKE's goal of unifying the effort to reduce impaired driving through responsible living and care for one another. For pictures and audio from prior events, click here


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