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AWAKE focuses on simple and creative ways to sustainable and responsible living. Finding harmony with our environment and one another is our mission. We strive to lighten our footprint in creative, joyful ways through our hands-on and educational programs. Please join us!


AWAKE's sustainability programs are simple, logical and cooperative. Learn how to: green your home and neighborhood, school, grow a thriving organic garden, conserve water and harvest rainwater, raise backyard chickens and bees, preserve your harvest and save your seeds, and uttilize alternative energy sources. CommuniGreen is making a difference. Change begins with just one step!

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At AWAKE we are most inspired by creative means and our Creativity Programs educate through artistic means. When we share our message of harmony through music, art and film, we find people all over the world become more receptive to being the change we need in today's world. Learn how you can creatively contribute to, Green Art People and Heal the Gyre

AWAKE Community logo by Ryan GoodwinResponsibility

 AWAKE was founded in honor of animal-nature-loving Annie Richards. Annie became a devout vegetarian at age 11 and was tragically killed by an impaired driver when she was just 19. Our programs focused on reponsibility work to preserve marine, bird and human life by being more mindful of our actions. We are all connected!

Thank you for donating! All of our programs are made possible by you.

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