AWAKE Community Mission of Harmony SustainabilityAWAKE Community’s ultimate mission is to live in harmony -- as humans and with all species.

In returning to balance with our ecosystem and all living beings, we take less, waste less and appreciate more! Through our rebalancing we find harmony with one another and ourselves; living sustainably and creatively brings balance to both our outer and inner worlds. We hope by sharing our adventures in sustainability, creativity and responsibility, that you will discover the joys of harmonious living too!

Our programs fall under three categories: SustainabilityCreativity and Responsibility. We focus on sustainable living through organic gardening, composting, and reducing our footprint. Our global music programs create connection and healing. Our responsiblity programs focus on staying safe behind the wheel and on our roads.

We work in close partnership with organizations we fiscally sponsor including ccMixter.org, Green Art People and Heal the Gyre

A special thanks to Nicole Tafralian for drawing and designing our logo! 

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