Art is a harmony parallel with nature. ~Paul Cezanne

We at AWAKE are artists, musicians and creators! AWAKE is an acronym for Artists Working for Awareness, Knowledge & Education. AWAKE's Creativity Programs delve into creating music and art on subjects of sustainability, tolerance, and world cooperation.    

ccMixter Orange Album Harmony ReloadedccMixter
 is an international music community of 20,000 artsits around the world. We create music of all kinds with an emphasis on harmony, collaboration and evolution. At ccMixter, we create open-source music that can be freely shared under Creative Commons licenses as long as you give Attribution. is sustained and operated by members of Team AWAKE. Visit to participate. 

Green Art People
Green Art People (GAP) is based in Ventura, CA and provides space and programs that put the power to create in the hands of the community. GAP's mission is to build community and  nurture creativity through art, music, and conservation.  AWAKE and GAP partner closely to build creative communities that embrace sustainability and creativity. Visit to learn more.

Heal the Gyre Girl JellyfishHeal the Gyre
Heal The Gyre is a kid and family friendly artistic program that focuses on awareness and action surrounding the plastic garbage patch in the North Pacific Ocean. AWAKE's partnership with The San Diego Puppet Insurgency has produced amazingly creative EarthDay Children's Parades and Exhibitis. Heal the Gyre takes the No Plastic Pledge to schools, nature preserves, fairs and other organizations. We are transforming plastic waste into educational art! Visit to learn more. View pictures from past Earth Fair events here.

Want to join us? Please donate. And start creating music, poetry, art to contribute to the cause.

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