"We must attempt to bring people back to the warmth of community, to better their lives and their children's future.." ~Robert F. Kennedy

From one home to the next, one neighborhood at a time, we work together to improve our lives now and to preserve a healthy planet for our kids and future generations.

Communi-Green begins with simple steps:

Pesticide Free Zone1 - Go pesticide free! By eliminating pesticides and other chemicals we create a healthier living environment. Using organic methods to fertilize, like compost and compost tea, enrich vegetable gardens and landscapes while preserving the quality of soil and the water table. And, it helps save bees! Creating an environmet where important pollinators like bees, ladybugs, butterflies and hummingbirds flourish is imperative to our present and future.

Grow a Garden CommuniGreen2 - Grow a garden! Growing an organic vegetable garden of any size reconects us to each other and the earth. Watching your child pick lettuce or a tomato for a salad is good for the body and soul! Composting your kitchen and yard scraps reconnect the circle of life and nourishes your soil. Growing your own organic food food saves water too.

Save Water Save LIfe3 - Conserve Water. Being conscious of water usage is the first step to conserving our most precious resource. From simple steps like not running the water while brushing your teeth or doing the dishes, to moderate changes to drip-lines and xeriscaping, to more elaborate systems like rainwater collection and gray-water systems, we have examples and more information on how. Download our illustrated Water Conservation Guide here. 

Sungevity CommuniGreen4 - Solar Panels. AWAKE Community has partnered with Sungevity so you don't have to pay to get solar panels. Sungevity leases your roofspace and you pay your utility bill to them! You will not only save power, habitats and fossil fuels, you will save money. Get started on this special Sungevity/AWAKE Community portal and you'll contribute to AWAKE too. There's no reason not to!

To learn more about Communi-Green and begin taking steps towards greening your community, contact us. These first four steps are just the introduction to Communi-Green!

Want to help? Please donate. And, add your home and neighborhood to the CommuniGreen program!

AWAKE's Sustainability Programs

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