Brentwood Urban Farm

A Sustainable Homestead in the City of Los Angeles

Our Brentwood Urban Farm is organic, water-wise and builds community. 20 raised beds grow organic produce year-round. Two green-houses raise sleeping seeds into transplantable starts. Compost bins around the property transform organic food waste into rich soil. 24 fruiting trees (citrus, apple, loquat, avocado, fig, pecan, peach, apricot, persimmon) yield bountiful harvests - for canning, preserving and sharing with the neighborhood. Grape vines and a variety of berries are scattered throughout. 

brentwod urban farm

Our laundry-to-landscape system uses laundry water and biodegradable soap to water 6 citrus trees. The beautiful outdoor shower waters trees and garden beds. Drip lines in raised garden beds and drought tolerant xeriscaping minimizes water use. 10 rain barrels collect our most precious resource - water!

A "Sustainabile Homestead in the City" and Brentwood Urban Farm is the template the City Council of Los Angeles shares with others for water conversation, organic gardening methods, and alternative power.


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