Emily, Jason, & Jonas Salk Vernal Pools-Photos by Dave Good

Dave Good (San Diego Reader, OC Weekly) took this beautiful picture (and a few others!) of Emily and Jason at the Jonas Salk Vernal Pools this May. Like Emily and Jason, Dave was awed by the beauty of this vernal pool site, supporting a great variety of bird and animal life -- a lot more life than just endangered fairy shrimp. The Jonas Salk Vernal Pool site has an indecrisbable beauty every spring during the rains and is teeming with plant and animal creation.

emily jason jonas salk vernal pool photo by dave good
Photo by Dave Good

AWAKE thanks the many folks supporting AWAKE Community's effort to conserve BOTH the Jonas Salk Site and the McAuliffe Vernal Pool sites in Mira Mesa.  We believe it is very important to preserve these last little parcels of undeveloped land in Mira Mesa -- for at a least a dozen reasons.

AWAKE especially thanks: 1-- the artists at ccMixter.org for writing, recording and producing the albums Fuel for the Future (National Biodiesel Conference 2010) and Harmony Reloaded (Earth Day 2010); 2 -- The San Diego Puppet Insurgency for its Vernal Pool exhibit at Earth Fair  and the Children's Parade (April 2010); 3 -- the Mira Mesa Planning Committee, SDUSD and Fish & Game for your patience while listening to our point of view; 4 -- each of you that signed the Save San Diego's Vernal Pool Habitats & Species petition (you still have time to sign); and 5 -- everyone visiting the Brock home next Wednesday night to study the DEIR.

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Artists Working for Awareness Knowlege and Education. We All Live Here.

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