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Help Haiti

One of my closest friends, Isabelle, is from her Haiti and her family still lives there. They just found her father who was missing for three days. Via Blackberry's and facebook, her family and friends are able to text her and tell her specifically what they need.


Isabelle's brother, Edouard, is taking a team of 10 people to help him with a grassroots mission to his town, where they are not yet receiving help. They need first aid medical supplies (bandages, gauze, etc), pain supplies like Advil, Tylenlol and more, to help these people somehow manage through their suffering until we can get in with the next wave of more sophisticated medical equipment (lots of folks are about to become amputees he said).

Edouard already has 7 volunteers and can take 3 more - must be highly trained medical/military personnel that can handle crisis. He will be leaving on Jan 22. Isabelle has created a website that is continually being updated with the personal needs of her family, friends and town She is updating it regularly.

We are asking people to start collecting MREs and the other medical supplies based on information we're getting from Isabelle.  Her brother will then go with his team to Haiti, which will likely include two of our volunteers. We will keep updating on how everyone can help through the next couple of days. Thank you for your help and for showing so much love to these people we love so dearly.

We will have an address later today on where to send the supplies in Miami. Donations will need to arrive in Miami by Jan 21 for the January 22 mission.  If you are in San Diego, you can drop off donations here:  Body Mind College, 5440 Morehouse Drive, Suite 2700, San Diego, CA 92024 between 10:00am - 7:00pm  or Stillpoint Body Lounge, 965 Second Street, Encinitas, CA 92024 betwen 7:00am-12:pm and from 3:00pm-6:00pm.

Thank you. Peace.



P.S. Here is an email I just received from Edward Nau:


I want to thank you for your time and patience. I am forwarding the list of items I believe will be of great help to Haiti. Over the next few weeks when this situation stabilizes itself, these items will change into a more short shelf life products.

Flashlights and batteries, or solar rechargeable lamps. Currently the nights are spent in complete darkness due to all power grids being non-operational.

I am also receiving phone calls for basic sanitary items such as tooth brushes and paste, baby wipes or sanitation wipes.

My sincere gratitude and appreciation,

Jules Edouard Nau
Operations Logistics

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