Our Heal the Gyre Project is Making a Difference

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San Diego Coastkeeper’s 14th annual Ocean Gala is to be held on the evening of Saturday, October 24, 2009, at The US Grant in downtown San Diego. This year’s Ocean Gala will highlight the vibrant heritage of San Diego’s watersheds and the need to protect our precious natural resources today and for future generations to enjoy. 

The San Diego Coastal Champion Award, which will be announced at the event, is an award given to dedicated community and business leaders and volunteers throughout the San Diego community.  Heal The Gyre is honored to be an applicant.  It gives us new energy to continue ouf effort in raising awareness about the North Pacific Gyre.

Please show your support by visiting the event site (click on graphic above) and participating in whatever level best suits you and/or your organization.

See you Oct. 24!

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