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Sustainability, Creativity, Responsibility.

AWAKE Organic community's work focuses on organic community & school gardens, innovative ways to conserve and capture water, building communities through sustainable living, reducing our waste and footprint on the natural world, harvest preservation, seed saving and more. We educate and work together through creative means like music and art, which making living in harmony fun!  Volunteer.



Vote Yes on Prop 67 Nov 8

Ban the Plastic Bag Yes Prop 67 Nov 8BAN THE PLASTIC BAG IN LOS ANGELES!

We at AWAKE have been working since 2006 to ban plastic bags in Southern California. Californians use 12 billion, yes billion, plastic bags each year. Each bag is used an average of 12 minutes before it is thrown away. Less than 5% are ever recylced.

Plastic bags are polluting our oceans, rivers, wetlands, and open spaces. They become airborn in landfills so are one of the worst sources of plastic pollution today. In just a short amount of time, plastic bags break down into small pieces of plastic -- that cause sickness, hormonal changes and even death in wildlife and humans.

It really is just a small thing -- to remember to bring a cloth bag with you when shopping. Your mindfulness will save millions of fish and animal lives. And keep our earth more beautiful!

Will you join AWAKE and Heal the Bay (and many others!) -- and BAN THE PLASTIC BAG? VOTE YES ON PROP 67 NOVEMBER 8TH in California.

Green Sustainable Home in San Diego for Sale

Solar, Xeriscaping, Organic Gardens, Rain Barrels, Fruit Trees!

We at AWAKE have created an organic, sustainable home that is ready for the perfect new owner. Complete with 11 organic raised bed gardens, drip irrigation, 10 producing organic fruit trees, rain barrels, solar panels, small greenhouse, chicken coop, and artistic xeriscpaing, this home is a great way to jump-start your sustainability goals! (Click the arrow in the picture below to see more pictures!)


  • Price: $569,000
  • 3 Bedrooms, 2 bath
  • 1,711 Square Feet
  • Lot: 5,300 sqft

Check out this little video that hightlights our home. To view the website with more info go HERE.

We're looking for someone who will carry on the gardening and sustainability legacy for this beautiful home. This lovely house is in an amazing neighborhood with a family-friendly park right out the back gate. Schools are walking distance and it is central to all freeways, beaches, downtown, and north county. 

If you're interested us, email Talechia to schedule a showing. Namaste.

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