New Album Release: Emergence by ccMixter

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The New Music (Snowflake Remix, Alex Beroza Mix)[feat. spinningmerkaba, Colin Mutchler]

Emergence by ccMixter

Emergence is a concept-remix-album, inspired by paintings, songs, poems and samples at ccMixter and ArtLab.

Today we've featured the track The New Music. We suggest you explore the entire Emergence album by reading the lyrics and credits while listening -- and then by discovering the source stems of each song. We also suggest you paint, dance or otherwise create while listening. :)

We extend our thanks to the artists at for creating so much amazing music for the Emergence Sonic-Art Installation at our Gallery opening. We were amazed by the quality and artistry of the pellas, samples and remixes -- your musical soundscape marked our collective Emergence.

Curating Emergence was challenging - so our first curation was remixes with CC BY license -- that helped narrow it down but it was still difficult. So many great songs!

To download the Emergence remastered CD-quality TuneTrack-LP, become an ArtLab Green Member. For the Emergence physical CD and artbook, featuring ArtLab artwork, become a Blue or Purple ArtLab member.

Again, a special thanks to both the musical and visual artists at and ArtLab that have contributed their music and paintings to Emergence and the cause of collective creation. Anyone at ccMixter or ArtLab who contributed music or art to Emergence gets a free remastered digital-LP, and the artists that are included in this curation will receive a hard copy Emergence artbook with CD as a thank you. Email us for details.

A special thanks to Abstract Audio for mastering the tracks for this release. His leveling, compressing, and treating transforms the individual songs into a new whole -- and so emergence continues.

It's our goal to print the Emergence books and CDs this summer -- we need to raise $2500 US to cover the costs of printing and duplication - so help us make this possible by becoming an ArtLab member today. Artists and musicians around the world thank you!

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