Spotlight: Sing Along With Blue Wave Theory

Sing Along With Blue Wave TheoryArtisTech Media is proud to spotlight the new album from Blue Wave Theory & ccMixter. Sing Along with Blue Wave Theory features 20 tracks produced by the ccMixter community, and is a flawlessly smooth surf-prog-rock listen from start to finish. 

The journey from creation to album has been a long, connected, beautiful one. Blue Wave Theory first recorded an incredible group of instrumental tracks -- 8 to be exact. The Jersey-based band (and its quality stems) were then featured in ccMixter's Ride the Wave Remix Event in late summer of 2016. From the dozens of remixes produced by the global community, Blue Wave curated and mastered 20 of them.

Today, Sing Along With Blue Wave Theory is available on iTunes and Bandcamp for your listening pleasure.  Read more in the press release.... Rock On!

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