ArtisTech Media Joins Jan 18 SOPA Strike

Sopa STrike

On Wednesday Janaury 18, ArtisTech Media will darken, and as to participate in the SOPA Strike. We strike to show solidarity with the Creative Commons, EFF, Google, Wikipedia, Reddit, Mozilla, and many others that promote Creative Commons licensing and sharing. You can read more on the SOPA Strike here -- and visit the EFF action center to learn how to join in.

“SOPA threatens every site on Internet, but would especially harm the commons, as the Electronic Frontier Foundation explains,”says Linksvayer of the Creative Commons, “SOPA would drastically increase both the costs and risks of providing platforms for sharing and collaboration (think sites ranging from individual blogs to massive community projects such as Wikipedia, from open education repositories to Flickr and YouTube), and vaporize accessibility to huge swathes of free culture, whether because running a platform becomes too costly, or a single possibly infringing item causes an entire domain to be taken down.”

Techdirt has excellent coverage of SOPA
 and its ill effects.

We apologize for any inconvenience the SOPA Strike may cause, and we consider the action we’re taking to be a sacrifice. Join the SOPA Strike today.

We appreciate your support!

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