• Spotlight: Poems That Point The Way by Mervyn Brady

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    Poems That Point The Way

    With great pleasure, ArtisTech Media and The Academy Of European Arts and Culture release Poems That Point The Way by Mervyn Brady on TuneTrack today. Mervyn Brady reveals the inspiration behind Poems That Point The Way at the end of his reading of “The Grave Stone"by Rodney Collin. “The past has left us with such a legacy of knowledge and beauty, that it would be criminal not to pass it to our children in various forms. Philosophers must raid the coffers and bastions of the professors and return knowledge in accessible forms to the people. That is my aim.”

    We invite you to experience the spiritual wisdom of the past by listening to Mervyn Brady recite these poems and share his insightful interpretations.

  • Spotlight: Superstorm by Blue Wave Theory

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    Superstorm by Blue Wave TheoryAre you a fan of rock and roll?  Have you ever heard the full spectrum of rock represented on a single album?  From reggae to rockabilly and fusion to psychedelia, Blue Wave Theory's sophomore album, Superstorm, is an energy-filled aural landscape rooted in surf rock.  We are thrilled to release this inspired instrumental album on TuneTrack today!   

    Whether you're driving to the beach on Route 101, playing Frisbee at the park, or grilling up your favorite eats on the patio, push play and turn up the volume on this spectacular rock and roll for an extra fun time!

  • Spotlight: Music for Healing

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    Music for Healing Remix Project is in full gear! The ccMixter and University of Utah communities have been uploading their spoken word pieces, a cappella and choral voice, instrumentals, classical arrangements, and field recordings of nature since February 17. 

    The remixing phase officially begins on March 10th and will continue through March 31st.  Listen to the remixes in the playlist below for inspiration! 

    Then check out all of the Music for Healing PELLS and SAMPLES that you can use in YOUR remix!  Help us expand this new collection of Creative Commons music that focuses on healing and supporting patients and their families.

    • On the Earth (and of the Tree)
      by SackJo22
    • Motherless Child
      by Admiral Bob
    • Never Easy
      by unreal_dm
    • Merge
      by Speck
    • Clarity,Love and Straight to the Light
      by CSoul
    • Bird Water Wind Harp Violin
      by Jeris
    • The Weather
      by destinazione_altrove
    • Relaxation Tips
      by copperhead
    • Acceptance [naoyuki mix]
      by naotko
    • Hummm
      by julianmoss89

  • Spotlight: Part Way There Remixed by Ghost K

    Posted Jan. 6, 2015 at 8:02 a.m. to ArtisTech Public | 1 Response

    Part Way ThereGround control to Ghost Kollective!

    This incredible remix album is a musical story of a compelling journey through space. Featuring remixes, pells and samples from a slew of artists from ccMixter.org, Part way There Remixed is Ghost K's curation from the 61 Moons Remix Project. Ghost K provided the ccMixter community quality songs and stems -- and those sonic building blocks made this project and album possible.

    After you experience the 10 expansive tracks on Part Way There Remixed, we suggest you check out the 4 original tracks created by Ghost K and  all of the remixes submitted to the project by ccMixter artists from around the world.

    Read quotes from CDK, Tacet & _Ghost in the full press release HERE.

  • Free Music for New Year's Eve

    Posted Dec. 31, 2014 at 10:35 a.m. to ArtisTech Public | Comment

    Happy New Year by Hartwig HKD
    Image by Hartwig HKD CC-BY

    Music is essential to ring in the New Year with a celebratory playlist from ccMixter artists. Click to listen, and right-click to download individual songs. Happy New Year from all of us at ArtisTech Media and ccMixter.org!

    • Auld Lang Syne
      by Jeris
    • New Year
      by Vidian
    • Change Your Style
      by texasradiofish
    • Spaceship
      by Clarence Simpson
    • Funk Change
      by texasradiofish
    • Ana
      by Jeris
    • Sing A Song
      by Loveshadow
    • Cup of Kindness (a "Lang Syne" Variation)
      by SackJo22
    • When The Midnight Bell Tolls (The New Year Collective)
      by Speck
    • Melancolia
      by Artnowprod
    • Nu Lang Syne
      by Speck
    • Shine
      by Abstract Audio
    • L.T.H.
      by Alex
    • Space Journey (Starshine)
      by Vidian
    • Good TImes (2012 NYE Mix)
      by spinningmerkaba
    • Winter Glow
      by Zep Hurme
    • pROgraM vs. Us3R
      by morgantj
    • Auld Lang Syne (andymix) inc stems
      by stellarartwars
    • Old Chucks
      by J.Lang
    • You're the Change
      by unreal_dm
    • You and your bright ideas
      by DoKashiteru
    • Emergence see
      by Carosone
    • Selkie's Daughter
      by VickyDan
    • Don't Stop 3D
      by Abstract Audio
    • Are You Happy (Silver Crescent)
      by 7OOP3D
    • Close your mouth
      by colab
    • December Nights
      by cdk
    • All The Time In The World
      by Blake
    • Robot Summer
      by Gurdonark
    • Lies Featuring Trifonic
      by BarryMorgan
    • Grease man in a Jam
      by Jeris
    • 700 Billion Dollar Belief
      by annabloom
    • The Little Things
      by Zep Hurme
    • Changing Survey
      by onlymeith
    • Inside Outside
      by copperhead
    • U TERU S . Birth of Souls
      by Loveshadow
    • Imperfect World ft. leza2unes
      by TheDICE
    • Me Robo El Show
      by rocavaco
    • I'm Here To Rock You
      by Steven M Bryant
    • Two Ooh One Two
      by bigbonobo
    • Go On
      by Zep Hurme
    • Original Sin
      by Subliminal
    • badabing badaboom
      by urmymuse
    • Stay-For This Moment (TMS Expounding Remix)
      by medicisoundsystem
    • Don't Count the Money in your Purse
      by Admiral Bob
    • Moon Waves
      by reusenoise
    • Spanish Moss & Gator Holes
      by timberman
    • Border Legends, Red Light mix
      by AT
    • Gleeful Budapest
      by AIR_LOMEG
    • Redundant Array of Inexpensive Dictators
      by go1dfish
    • Zest
      by basematic
    • Both Eyes Closed
      by State Shirt
    • Auld Lang Syne
      by MC Jack in the Box
    • Happy New Year Castro Bistro
      by Budapest BluesBoy
    • 1st of January
      by DJ.E-State
    • This is the Age.
      by Loveshadow
    • Happy 2015 from Poland
      by Doxent Zsigmond

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