Spotlight: ccMixter Community Favorites

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Musicians have been co-creating music at ccMixter for an entire decade. Right now artists are selecting a few all-time favorites and we're all rediscovering the incredible music at ccMixter. Check out the developing playlist

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  • Lazarus
    by Jeris
  • Don'tGetTwisted(mix)
    by @nop
  • White In The Moon
    by Geert Veneklaas
  • Beginnings and Endings (GE Feel for More mix)
    by George_Ellinas
  • Broken (DURDEN version)
    by DURDEN
  • I am a Stone
    by Jeris
  • L.T.H.
    by Alex
  • D.E.E.P. I.N. Y.A.S.E.L.F. (Down By Law Mix)
    by Budapest BluesBoy
  • Where Did the Silence
    by Nethis
  • Suitcase
    by Geert Veneklaas
  • still i
    by sleeperspaceborn
  • No One Made Any Money (In Four Acts)
    by SackJo22
  • Start Each Day with Love
    by VickyDan
  • Oh Come Thee Down (Chorale)
    by SackJo22
  • If You Wait (Anahitas Promise)
    by Loveshadow
  • One for Me
    by SackJo22
  • Dying on the Vine
    by Robert Warrington
  • Hypothetically
    by colab
  • Heart On Redial
    by Loveshadow
  • Lullaby
    by _ghost
  • Sleep Lightly
    by oldDog
  • Fireside Mix
    by Lasswell
  • Expiration Date
    by Fireproof_Babies
  • Skyline Mix
    by Lasswell
  • Welcome the Fall
    by boomaga
  • Canary Wharf
    by Zep Hurme
  • My Dream of Flight
    by wellman
  • Fav Foto
    by copperhead
  • Piano (3/4)
    by colab
  • Hold Me Close To Set Me Free
    by Speck
  • Lignified
    by frompast0
  • Test Drive
    by Zapac
  • Mississippi ( The Phoenix Mix )
    by Loveshadow
  • Under The Velveteen Skies
    by Ivan Chew
  • U TERU S . Birth of Souls
    by Loveshadow

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