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Spotlight: Superstorm by Blue Wave Theory

Superstorm by Blue Wave TheoryAre you a fan of rock and roll?  Have you ever heard the full spectrum of rock represented on a single album?  From reggae to rockabilly and fusion to psychedelia, Blue Wave Theory's sophomore album, Superstorm, is an energy-filled aural landscape rooted in surf rock.  We are thrilled to release this inspired instrumental album on TuneTrack today!   

Whether you're driving to the beach on Route 101, playing Frisbee at the park, or grilling up your favorite eats on the patio, push play and turn up the volume on this spectacular rock and roll for an extra fun time!

Spotlight: Music for Healing

Music for Healing Remix Project is in full gear! The ccMixter and University of Utah communities have been uploading their spoken word pieces, a cappella and choral voice, instrumentals, classical arrangements, and field recordings of nature since February 17. 

The remixing phase officially begins on March 10th and will continue through March 31st.  Listen to the remixes in the playlist below for inspiration! 

Then check out all of the Music for Healing PELLS and SAMPLES that you can use in YOUR remix!  Help us expand this new collection of Creative Commons music that focuses on healing and supporting patients and their families.

  • On the Earth (and of the Tree)
    by SackJo22
  • Motherless Child
    by Admiral Bob
  • Never Easy
    by unreal_dm
  • Merge
    by Speck
  • Clarity,Love and Straight to the Light
    by CSoul
  • Bird Water Wind Harp Violin
    by Jeris
  • The Weather
    by destinazione_altrove
  • Relaxation Tips
    by copperhead
  • Acceptance [naoyuki mix]
    by naotko
  • Hummm
    by julianmoss89

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