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We live in an age with new technologies introduced in a steady stream. Our youth are sharing their creativity through photographs and videos made on their handheld devices. So why insist on old laws that restrict creative sharing? At ccMixter, we're creating the soundtrack for the new technologies. You can use our music (our music stems too!) freely -- cut-up, recombine, share, include all or some of it in your video, game, remix, etc. Just Attribute. :)

The ccMixter BIG Summer Music Fest!

A Universe of Music

ccMixter Big Summer Music FestArtisTech Media is thrilled to support the ccMixter BIG Summer Music Fest! Inspired by the summer music festivals this global event is a virtual music festival themed Universe of Music.

This is by far ccMixter's largest music event to date. Find all of the details HERE and read the press release HERE.

Join the conversation in the ccMixter forums. We hope you will join in this unique celebration of unity through musical diversity.

  • 5/30-6/13 - songwriter/unplugged/folk/bluegrass/country - Pleiades Unplugged Lounge
  • 6/13-6/27 - reggae/funk/blues/jazz - Omega Roots Stage
  • 6/27-7/11 - alternative/rock/pop-rock - Andromeda Alternative Theatre
  • 7/11-7/25 - ambient/downtempo/groove/chill/experimental - Spirograph Soundscape Room
  • 7/25-8/8 - hip hop/triphop - Hubble Hip-Trip Stage
  • 8/8-8/22 - house/dance/trance/dubstep/electronic  - Deep Space Ten Tent 
  • 8/23-8/27 - Collaborative Vid Performances - Pleiades Unplugged Lounge 
  • 8/28-8/30 - Three days of live-streaming all genres - The Galaxies Theater!

There are two sets of upload forms for the BIG Summer Music Fest. One set will help build a ccPlus library at ccMixter. This is completely optional! Read more about ccPlus HERE.

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