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Music Licensing Online Catalog

Everyday more music gets added to the online catalog of remixes at Dig ccMixter.  Under Creative Commmons license, the music is free to share and download, and if you want to use it in your commercial projects, you can purchase a royalty free license right here using Tunetrack's online licensing platform.  This is just one way to show your support for the culture of creative commons remixing.

Consider supporting remix culture by becoming a patron of ccmixter or thumb through our curated digital albums in the Listening Lounges. There are many ways to connect and contribute.  Music is a powerful force, even moreso when it's free to share.  Get in mix!

Become a ccMixter Patron:

Crack The Code of Free Music

Crack The Code, Share the Downloads!

Several TuneTrack Artists are participating the Crack The Code Secret Mixter, the first secret mixter event of 2017!  The Creative Commons remixes are part of ccMixter's site wide upgrading and push for more community support.  Not only is the site a sanctuary for legal sharing and repurposing audio files, it is also a community of developers and cultural creatives that understand the importance of freedom and transparency.  

Become a Patron

Here at TuneTrack we do our best to support the artists and the tech team making ccMixter possible.  We've built a royalty free licensing platform for those remixers who want to make their music available to video and other multimedia productions.  We curate albums and distribute the music.  It's called supporting the commons.  When you purchase a track, a license, or a Listening Lounge membership, you're supporting the most creatively free music culture on the planet.  

Join the Dev Team

That's what Crack the Code is all about.  Deciphering the locks that keep us from sharing openly, and building new systems that keep the music free.  Your participation is required.  Listen and share.  Develop and Support.  It's the ...

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