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Spotlight: Hip-Hop, Rock, & Pop by Alex Beroza & ccMixter

Hip-Hop, Rock, & Pop - Cover ArtArtisTech Media is thrilled to release Hip-Hop, Rock, & Pop as a TuneTrack-LP today.

“Alex Beroza is absolutely one of the most talented, prolific artists on ccMixter,” commented Emily Richards, CEO of ArtisTech Media and the artist known as Snowflake. “Anytime one of my songs is remixed by Alex Beroza I’ve received a real gift of great quality. He always takes my voice and arrangements to an entirely new level! This amazing album represents only a small fraction of his vast library of incredible work.”

Spotlight: Lost Hills by State Shirt

Lost Hills - Cover ArtIt started with a haunting, recurring dream. State Shirt explored the underlying meaning of this dream while writing the lyrics and music for Lost Hills. With State Shirt’s alluring, atmospheric synths, seductive harmonies, a decisively 80s air, and warm, inviting production style, ArtisTech Media is ecstatic to release Lost Hills as a TuneTrack-LP today.

“I started writing music for Lost Hills as a way to set free this illusion of past and future, to let go of the nostalgia of my childhood and release the persistent, crippling anxiety over what is to come,” shares Ethan Tufts. “It’s a record inspired by the synthpop of the past, and a sentimental dream of synthpop from the future. Lost Hills is depressing music you can dance to.”

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