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Spotlight: Rocking Blues on ccMixter

Rocking Blues on ccMixter

Unreal_dm and Admiral Bob have shared their blues rock songs with the community for many years. Rocking Blues on ccMixter collects some of their best loved bluesy singles. It is the first album in a series highlighting the two prolific and highly respected musicians. We are delighted to release this swinging collection on TuneTrack-LP today.

Spotlight: Poems That Point The Way by Mervyn Brady

Poems That Point The Way

With great pleasure, ArtisTech Media and The Academy Of European Arts and Culture release Poems That Point The Way by Mervyn Brady on TuneTrack today. Mervyn Brady reveals the inspiration behind Poems That Point The Way at the end of his reading of “The Grave Stone"by Rodney Collin. “The past has left us with such a legacy of knowledge and beauty, that it would be criminal not to pass it to our children in various forms. Philosophers must raid the coffers and bastions of the professors and return knowledge in accessible forms to the people. That is my aim.”

We invite you to experience the spiritual wisdom of the past by listening to Mervyn Brady recite these poems and share his insightful interpretations.

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