Spotlight: Season of Gratitude by ccMixter

Season of Gratitude albumTired of the same-old holiday music? Look no farther! ccMixter's compilation Season of Gratitude is filled with original music that will delight your ears and heart. Season of Gratitude celebrates the beauty of the little things and also reminisces upon holidays past. 

After you listen to the 13 beautiful tracks on the album's A-Sides, we suggest you to listen to the B Sides too (especially if you prefer not to focus on the hoidays during the holidays - hahah). 

What's our recommended recipe for pure enjoyment? Listen in a spirit of gratitude! Peace.

Spotlight: ccMixter Community Favorites

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Musicians have been co-creating music at ccMixter for an entire decade. Right now artists are selecting a few all-time favorites and we're all rediscovering the incredible music at ccMixter. Check out the developing playlist

For every favorite track shared on the ccMixter Forums an anonyous donor contributes $5 to ccMixter's IndieGogo fundraiser. Post your favorite to help us keep ccMixter open and free.


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