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Share Music on Black Friday


Black Friday is a day of oppulent consumerism, one that had raised concerns and criticism from the socially conscious community across the globe.  Many individuals and organizations have opted out of this decadent start to a season meant for a deeper observaton of the past present and future.  We join them in asking you to share instead of purchase.  

Winter Nights is a 13 song collection of remixes that are satirical in tone and filled with humor and reflection.  We offer it to you free to share, download and stream on Black Friday.  Enjoy it and celebrate the anti-christmas that lives in all of us that can see past the glitter and glow of store bought stuff.

Get WInter Nights Here

Music Licensing Online Catalog

Everyday more music gets added to the online catalog of remixes at Dig ccMixter.  Under Creative Commmons license, the music is free to share and download, and if you want to use it in your commercial projects, you can purchase a royalty free license right here using Tunetrack's online licensing platform.  This is just one way to show your support for the culture of creative commons remixing.

Consider supporting remix culture by becoming a patron of ccmixter or thumb through our curated digital albums in the Listening Lounges. There are many ways to connect and contribute.  Music is a powerful force, even moreso when it's free to share.  Get in mix!

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