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Loveshadow (Jeff Grant) is a producer, writer, guitarist, vocalist, having produced and written over 100 songs on alone.  Afters years producing others in the studio, Loveshadow proudly releases 'Birth of Souls' -- a collaborative production with the artists of ccMixter.

Loveshadow is undoubtedly one of the most renowned and beloved artists in the community, an international group of musicians that record, write and producer together using Creative Commons licenses.

Loveshadow Jeff GrantThe superior quality and artistry of Loveshadow's pellas and mixes has garnered him special status in the world of digital music, and his songs can be found everywhere - YouTube, Vimeo, Soundcloud - to name few.

To be remixed by Loveshadow is considered an honor. Many want their own song or remix by Loveshadow -- to learn more about requesting a commissioned work, go here.

For commercial licensing of Loveshadow's tracks, include the name of the song, intended commercial use, licensing budget and artist revenue share in this webform.

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