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Spotify Streams Jason Brock's Reach Out

From: Jason Brock

Jason Brock's single "Reach Out" is receiving a lot of extra streams on Spotify since it's re-release ahead of his new album due out this summer 2K20.  Reach Out is the third track off of Brock's second solo album Fly On. The classic rock infused track launched Jason's new Soundcloud page last week and is also receiving thousands of listens and reposts as retro vibe indie hit on the well known indie music destination. And if you like reading lyrics, Reach Out hits home in today's post-pandemic climate of renewal and regeneration. Listen on Spotify Listen on Soundcloud Lyrics Reach ...

Who Has The Pandemic Blues?

From: Jason Brock

  Pandemic Blues is a classic ragtime track that features the musical talents of ccMIxter artist unreal_dm. The lyrics speak to the experiences of having to shelter in place with family.  It's a lighthearted look at a world in chaos from the balconies of quarantine.   With COVID-19 virus sweeping the globe, we are once again reminded of the fragility of life, of the importance of the simple things. Pandemic Blues takes us to a place of old radio programs and newspaper boys on the corner. The lyrics are simple yet tell a story that is filled with questions, contemplation, ...

Celebrate the Season with Emily's Album Christmas Hope

From: Emily Richards

Emily loves the magic of the winter holidays! Christmas Hope is her favorite holiday album of the several she's released -- glowing with the light and warmth of the season. The thirteen uplifting songs featured on Christmas Hope reflect Emily's dedication to love this special time of year.   Emily (aka Madam Snowflake) is excited to share two music videos from the album with you as a Christmas gift. The first, All Comes to Life is a beautiful winter love song -- opening the hearts of all who watch and listen. The second video The Light, produced by Kara Square, explores the magic of candlelight, ...

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