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Spotlight: Poems That Point The Way by Mervyn Brady

From: ArtisTech

With great pleasure, ArtisTech Media and The Academy Of European Arts and Culture release Poems That Point The Way by Mervyn Brady on TuneTrack today. Mervyn Brady reveals the inspiration behind Poems That Point The Way at the end of his reading of “The Grave Stone"by Rodney Collin. “The past has left us with such a legacy of knowledge and beauty, that it would be criminal not to pass it to our children in various forms. Philosophers must raid the coffers and bastions of the professors and return knowledge in accessible forms to the people. That is my aim.” We ...

The Academy Releases Poems That Point The Way

From: The Academy

The Academy of European Arts and Culture is pleased to release a remastered and newly compiled album by the cherished philosopher Mervyn Brady. Poems That Point The Way is a wonderful compilation of ancient wisdom shared by this beloved Teacher who passed onto higher realms in 2006. Mervyn’s gentle voice and endearing Irish Accent give deeper meaning to ancient words by Lao Tsu, Richard Kipling, St. Teresa of Avila, Buddha, Omar Khayyam, and other great teachers on Poems that Point the Way. Stream Poems That Point The Way now by visiting the release. Click ‘Lyrics’ to follow along.  Download Poems That ...


From: Jason Brock

Lucidity Festival brought together artists, musicians and cultural creatives for a three day journey in Live Oak CA.  During the decompression I recorded a mix that, well, is an attempt at capturing the feel of a walk back to family camp during sunset.  Enjoy!

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