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Music Video Debut from Madam Snowflake

From: Snowflake

MADAM SNOWFLAKE'S NEW SINGLE "CLIMB" WILL LAUNCH APRIL 4 Join us on April 4 for the release of Snowflake's first video in 15 years! Madam S. co-produced "Climb" with the world renownded Nico Fyve and we are certain you are going to Love the direction Snowflake is exploring with her new project. See you on April 4th!

Somewhere Over The Border

From: ccMixter Listening Lounge

A mind is like a parachute. It doesn’t work if it is not open. - Frank Zappa    If you feel like the world is spiraling downward like a house in a tornado and the cord to open the chute is broken, then this remix event is for you. Click your heels twice and join us for Somewhere Over the Border, an event where remixes do come true.    We like to be as open as possible, without borders, both literally and figuratively. is an open access site where everyone from everywhere is always welcome. We are proud of ...

Key of Love Ed Picks

From: ccMixter Listening Lounge

Lock up your love (Rachel Titiriga/Flickr Creative Commons) We all love new music whether we're single or committed to some special partner, or partners.  Whichever way your heart pulls you, celebrate every moment with everything you've got!  That's what ccMixter's artists do everytime they upload a love song.  They share there love and talent for music with the world.  Here is a playlist from this year's Key Of Love remix event, where finding the right chord to your heart was the aim.    A little funk, a little spice, some experimentation and you're on your way!  Enjoy.  Happy Valentine's Day, ...

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