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Vote Yes on Prop 67 Nov 8

From: AWAKE Community

BAN THE PLASTIC BAG IN LOS ANGELES! We at AWAKE have been working since 2006 to ban plastic bags in Southern California. Californians use 12 billion, yes billion, plastic bags each year. Each bag is used an average of 12 minutes before it is thrown away. Less than 5% are ever recylced. Plastic bags are polluting our oceans, rivers, wetlands, and open spaces. They become airborn in landfills so are one of the worst sources of plastic pollution today. In just a short amount of time, plastic bags break down into small pieces of plastic -- that cause sickness, hormonal ...

Emily Richards, ccMixter, featured by PwC

From: Emily Richards

PriceWaterhouseCoopers Highlights Alumnus with Dual Career Emily Richards, CEO of ArtisTech Media, has just been featured by PwC in their alumni newsletter. The article highlights aspects of ccMixter and Emily's career as both CPA and professional muscian. Read the entire article here:

Ride the Wave Remix Event

From: ccMixter Listening Lounge

Remix Blue Wave Theory, Submit your own Stems This summer, Mixters have the incredible opportunity to remix the prog-rock-surf-band Blue Wave Theory. These talented musicians have contributed musical stems for four tracks to ccMixter for a first wave of remixing. Contribute your own pells and samples for others to remix too. Check out these awesome tracks and stems from Blue Wave Theory: 900 Turbo Hayburner Attack of the Aquaviva Rabbit Ears The first wave of remixing goes from July 10 through July 31. Be sure to use the Ride the Wave upload forms. Read more about this remix event and ...

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