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Emily Richards to Speak, Perform for UofU School of Music

From: Emily Richards

LECTURE-RECITAL Introduction to Music For Healing University of Utah Campus Wide Collaboration with Global Community January 27, 2015, 4:00-5:00 p.m. David Gardner Hall Room 270 Presenter:  Emily Richards, CEO Alumna of U of U David Eccles School of Business Professional Musician, 14 album releases You are cordially invited to attend a unique lecture-recital hosted by the U of U School of Music on Tuesday, January 27. Alumna EmilyRichards will introduce a new campus-wide creation project entitled Music for Healing. All students and faculty are invited to learn how they can participate in this project focused on creating a new ...

Ghost K’s Curation from ccMixter's 61 Moons Remix Event

From: ccMixter Listening Lounge

Ghost Kollective’s curation from ccMixter's 61 Moons Remix Event was released today! The sci-fi themed album is called Part Way There Remixed and features remixes, pells and samples from many ccMixter musicians.  Ghost Kollective is a collaboration of long-time ccMixter artists cdk, _ghost & tacet. Join us and explore 61 Moons: Listen and Download Part Way There Remixed. Read the Press Release. Hear the 4 Original Tracks. Browse the 61 Moons Remix Playlist. Learn More about the 61 Moons Project. Thank you to Ghost Kollective and all of the artists on ccMixter who contributed to the 61 Moons Remix Event.

Spotlight: Part Way There Remixed by Ghost K

From: ArtisTech

Ground control to Ghost Kollective! This incredible remix album is a musical story of a compelling journey through space. Featuring remixes, pells and samples from a slew of artists from, Part way There Remixed is Ghost K's curation from the 61 Moons Remix Project. Ghost K provided the ccMixter community quality songs and stems -- and those sonic building blocks made this project and album possible. After you experience the 10 expansive tracks on Part Way There Remixed, we suggest you check out the 4 original tracks created by Ghost K and  all of the remixes submitted to the project ...

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