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From: Jason Brock

Lucidity Festival brought together artists, musicians and cultural creatives for a three day journey in Live Oak CA.  During the decompression I recorded a mix that, well, is an attempt at capturing the feel of a walk back to family camp during sunset.  Enjoy!

Blue Wave Theory Releases Superstorm Album

From: Blue Wave Theory

Inspiration often occurs in unexpected and seemingly disparate ways. For its sophomore album SuperStorm, Blue Wave Theory draws influence from a wide variety of sources including Hurricane Sandy, Holstein cows, black and white TV, the theremin, Hawaiian volcanoes, a restaurant in Puerto Rico, woodchuck hunting, Rhode Island getaways, driving the highways of upstate New York, playing Frisbee at the Jersey Shore, The Endless Summer, and Saab automobiles. Blue Wave Theory's new release coalesces these inspirations into the creation of a powerful aural landscape rooted in instrumental surf music, and spiced with occasional echoes of reggae, rockabilly, fusion, and psychedelia. Close ...

Spotlight: Superstorm by Blue Wave Theory

From: ArtisTech

Are you a fan of rock and roll?  Have you ever heard the full spectrum of rock represented on a single album?  From reggae to rockabilly and fusion to psychedelia, Blue Wave Theory's sophomore album, Superstorm, is an energy-filled aural landscape rooted in surf rock.  We are thrilled to release this inspired instrumental album on TuneTrack today!    Whether you're driving to the beach on Route 101, playing Frisbee at the park, or grilling up your favorite eats on the patio, push play and turn up the volume on this spectacular rock and roll for an extra fun time! Stream ...

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