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ccMixter Editorial Pick for Spinningmerkaba Remix "Life"

From: Jason Brock

It's the Big Summer Music Fest that prompted me to come out of the garden and dust off my gear to once again add some content to the community of artists that share share and keep sharing! As if the enjoyment of getting back in the mix wasn't enough, I was slapped silly and smiling with an editorial pick for my remix of panu's sample acoustic track "En la Manera..." cut up with my spoken word entitled "Half Dome."  The poem was inspired by a trip to Yosemite, (surprise) The track is titled "life" and is licensed for sharing under ...

BIG Fest Contributions by Snowflake

From: Snowflake

Snowflake is stretching with the challenge of ccMixter's BIG Summer Music Fest. The Fest is inviting artists to contribute original compositions and collaborative mixes for an array of virtual stages that vary by genre. Snowflake has contributed to the Pleiades Unplugged Stage, Omega Roots Stage, and Andromeda Alternatve Theatre to date. "I'm looking forward to attempting some tracks for the experiemental, hip-hop and EDM stages too. I've had to work with extra effort to go beyond my sing-at-the-piano comfort zone," commented Snowflake. "The community at ccMixter gives me the incentive and encouragement to keep creating." Listen to Snowflake's BIG Fest ...

How ccMixter Connects Culture Through Creativity

From: ArtisTech

Creators Around the World Recombining Content at We live in an age with new technologies introduced in a steady stream. Our youth are sharing their creativity through photographs and videos made on their handheld devices. So why insist on old laws that restrict creative sharing? At ccMixter, we're creating the soundtrack for the new technologies. You can use our music (our music stems too!) freely -- cut-up, recombine, share, include all or some of it in your video, game, remix, etc. Just Attribute. :)

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