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Spotlight: Lost Hills by State Shirt

From: ArtisTech

It started with a haunting, recurring dream. State Shirt explored the underlying meaning of this dream while writing the lyrics and music for Lost Hills. With State Shirt’s alluring, atmospheric synths, seductive harmonies, a decisively 80s air, and warm, inviting production style, ArtisTech Media is ecstatic to release Lost Hills as a TuneTrack-LP today. “I started writing music for Lost Hills as a way to set free this illusion of past and future, to let go of the nostalgia of my childhood and release the persistent, crippling anxiety over what is to come,” shares Ethan Tufts. “It’s a record inspired ...

Lost Hills now available!

From: State Shirt

There is this recurring dream that I have. At some point in my future, everything I grew up with and everything I know about my past—the places, the memories, the pets, my family, my friends—are replaced with a sprawling empty city, devoid of any life. I drive around at night, homesick, frantically looking for any sign of my past but can only find an orange glow of city streetlights, and a maze of buildings, concrete, and asphalt—all in decay. It's taken me years of reliving this dream to finally realize what it was trying to tell me, with the help ...

Spotlight: Rocking Blues on ccMixter

From: ArtisTech

Unreal_dm and Admiral Bob have shared their blues rock songs with the community for many years. Rocking Blues on ccMixter collects some of their best loved bluesy singles. It is the first album in a series highlighting the two prolific and highly respected musicians. We are delighted to release this swinging collection on TuneTrack-LP today. Stream and download Rocking Blues on ccMixter now by visiting the release. Support Unreal_dm, Admiral Bob, and ccMixter. Read the Press Release to learn more about Rocking Blues on ccMixter.

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