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Green Sustainable Home in San Diego for Sale

From: AWAKE Community

Solar, Xeriscaping, Organic Gardens, Rain Barrels, Fruit Trees! We at AWAKE have created an organic, sustainable home that is ready for the perfect new owner. Complete with 11 organic raised bed gardens, drip irrigation, 10 producing organic fruit trees, rain barrels, solar panels, small greenhouse, chicken coop, and artistic xeriscpaing, this home is a great way to jump-start your sustainability goals! (Click the arrow in the picture below to see more pictures!) Details: Price: $569,000 3 Bedrooms, 2 bath 1,711 Square Feet Lot: 5,300 sqft Check out this little video that hightlights our home. To view the website with more ...

Handling Claims on Videos Using ccMixter Music

From: ccMixter Listening Lounge

What to do if you get a Claim Notice for Your Video: This is not a Take Down Notice.  Your video probably won't be removed.   Check your attribution.  Make sure it's complete (it must include the track title, artists featured in the track, a link to the track, and the Creative Commons license type). Check the placement of your attribution.  It needs to be in the video's description box AND in the video itself (add it through annotations if needed).  Watch this quick video on attribution for more info: Check the license type of the song you used. ...

ccMixter Music Claims in Videos

From: ccMixter Listening Lounge

Why are Claim Notices being Issued on Videos using ccMixter Music? The musicians on generously share their music with the world using Creative Commons licenses.  Unfortunately, the music is often included in web videos without proper Attribution, is used improperly for commercial videos or is being illegally claimed to be owned or copyrighted by unrelated parties. ccMixter's music library could be found or matched in videos that use ccMixter musicians' work. If ccMixter music is matched to a video that is using that music outside the terms of the license, a claim on the music in that video could ...

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