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Key of Love Ed Picks

From: ccMixter Listening Lounge

Lock up your love (Rachel Titiriga/Flickr Creative Commons) We all love new music whether we're single or committed to some special partner, or partners.  Whichever way your heart pulls you, celebrate every moment with everything you've got!  That's what ccMixter's artists do everytime they upload a love song.  They share there love and talent for music with the world.  Here is a playlist from this year's Key Of Love remix event, where finding the right chord to your heart was the aim.    A little funk, a little spice, some experimentation and you're on your way!  Enjoy.  Happy Valentine's Day, ...

Free Love Songs for YouTube

From: ArtisTech

Licensed for Love Are you looking for Valentine's Day Love Songs for your commercial projects? Want royalty free licensing in a heart shaped box?  Look no further,  you've found what you're looking for.  All the tracks listed below are opted into our +ccPlus licensing platform.  You are just a few clicks away from what you need this Valentine's Day. Listen to the playlist posted here until you find the track you like, then click on that track's credits link.  That link will take you to the love songs homepage where there is a link for "CCPlus Licensing" Clicking on that ...

Love Gets Remixed - Playlist

From: Kara Square

ccMixter just launched a Valentine's Day Remix Event called Key of Love and I'm SUPER-excited to participate! Here's a link to the ukulele love song I just uploaded for you to remix called "Anywhere, Everywhere." I hope you like... errrr...ummm... I mean love it! I've released quite a few love songs on ccMixter over the years. Each time I uploaded a song, I would eagerly wait to hear how the ccMixter community would remix it. ccMixter has an incredible pool of talented musicians who create every musical genre you can imagine. To show you what I mean, I made a ...

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