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Highlights from Music Connects Us Secret Mixter

From: ccMixter Listening Lounge

Yep, the Best Secret Mixter EVER (and the biggest)! More than 67 new tracks were uploaded to ccMixter on Sunday. Mixters spent the day listening and commenting on each other's creations. Every track in this Secret Mixter is worth listening to in headphones. For starters, here are 15 tracks, by ratiing algorithm, from this 10th anniversary Secret Mixter - Music Connects Us. Listen to the entire playlist here. Enjoy.

One Sound for Snowflake

From: Snowflake

This Secret Mixter was extra special, celebrating 10 years together. Mixters new and old participated in creating over 65 remixes, all of each other. As I listened to each track, I was amazed by the intricate details and production creativity. I'm honored to be part of ccMixter! Here is my contribution - a remix of Alex Beroza and love song for ccMixter. Thanks for listening.

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From: Emily Richards

"ccMixter is my Musical Home" Kara Square is so awesome for creating this little vid with yours truly. It would be amazing if you would support ccMixter so we can keep our musical home at Thank you. Visit ccMixter's IndieGoGo campaign here: Even $1 dollar makes a difference! 

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