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Barbed Wire Fence Receives Editorial Pick at ccMixter

From: Jason Brock

    "Spinningmerkaba starts the new year with a bang in this driven, rebellious, burning fuse of a remix. This one is fiercely motivating!" -Jeris, editor at the world famous remix website.    I began recording this track because of Nigid's source material, it fit so well with DJ Yegor's loop, and then the melody started coming.  Then the words from my subconscious, and I realized I was working out some anger and sadness about the fucked up bull-shit happening all around me.  On all levels I need bolt cutters.  This song is for you if you can relate. ...

Call out for Editorial Staff 2017

From: ccMixter Listening Lounge

We are looking for a few tech savvy music critics to dig into the archives of ccMixter and find remix gems to Ed Pick write reviews for our listeners.  Are you a fearless music aficionado that understands the nature of netaudio and creative commons licensing?  We hope so. The experimental nature of our community and the openness of our sharing culture has and continues to influence modern music on all levels.  We look to our editorial team to frame the experience in ways listeners can digest.  Join us!   All of our current Ed Picks are listed here:   ...

Spotlight: 12 Days of Xmas Playlist

From: ArtisTech

ccMixter Rings through the Holiday Season with Music We're proud to spotlight the ccMixter playlist that is compiled from all the tracks featured in ccMixter's awesome Twitter #12daysofchristmas countdown. If you enjoy this curation, please consider making a donation to support CC music at ccMixter. ccMixter relies on the Creative Commons community to keep making music that's free to share. Happy Holidays!

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